Service & Quality

We handle all aspects of maintenance from appliances, plumbing, electrical flooring, painting, and pressure washing of your side walk, roof and driveway. We work with licensed vendors whom are also independent contractors. They have been doing business with our company for years.


Time is money . We take care of painting your property fast and professionally so you can have your tenants move in as quickly as possible.


We keep your bathroom clean, dry and in full working condition with a complete set of working parts. Our frequent scheduled maintenance approach is designed to keep your tenants happy.


Back end support and quick response times are critical when it comes to plumbing. We offer that and more.


Quality flooring service and materials highly targeted to your needs, quick and on budget.


Reliable electrical services team, on call, that knows your unique needs and budget.

Pressure Washing

Focused on you, we provide the facility management, maintenance and support you are looking for.