Quarterly Inspections

Inspections are executed quarterly and only last 15 minutes. The goal is to maintain your home up to date with working appliances and electrical outlets, the right water pressure and ideal overall property surroundings.

Quarterly Inspections:
  • Inspections are executed quarterly.
  • There is a specified services representative that conducts inspections every quarter.
  • When a tenant moves in an inspection is conducted.
  • When a tenant moves out an inspection is conducted.
  • The tenant will be informed when the inspector will be visiting your home.
  • During year of tenancy an inspection is conducted quarterly.
  • Tenants will be notified by a their field representative a week prior to the inspection date.
  • The quarter inspections are short (15 minutes the most).
  • When the inspection is completed an the inspector finds any discrepancies, we will schedule an appointment with you to take care of the repairs. If you have anything that you would like to take care of right away, please make sure to inform the inspector.
These quarterly inspections are conducted to maintain your home up to date with working appliances.

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